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Judy van Meteren

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Contemporary expressionist artist, Judy van Meteren, from The Netherlands, specialized in the
Figurative Dripping Art technique, creates paintings that almost look like moving pictures.
Within Van Meteren’ vibrant figurative abstract paintings, the passion for art and life is very clear in her artwork. The movement in her paintings reflect her joy and appreciation of how beautiful life is to embrace it every day, be satisfied and be grateful of the life you live. “Life is too short not to be, enjoy every day, the feeling that I can touch hearts with creating art is the most satisfying feeling an artist can possibly have”.  She has been an artist for over 25 years, expressed art in different techniques, specialized in the Dripping Art technique. Drip Painting is a form of abstract art in which paint is dripped or poured on to the canvas. Using unconventional tools as sticks, hardened brushes to create large and energetic figurative abstract works using industrial paint to create her work. The beauty of this technique is that you are forced to express art from the heart and rely on your feelings, since paint falls down from the brush onto the canvas, gravity does its work.

Drip painting was however to find particular expression in the work of the mid-twentieth-century artist Jackson Pollock, the artist who inspired Van Meteren to use this technique. Van Meteren grew up in an artistic family, her father and grandfather where classical music composers. Therefore as a tribute to her father, in each of her paintings you will find music notes. Her work has been exhibited throughout several places in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, her work has been shipped to several places in Europe; Italy, Spain, France etc. and California, U.S.A.
She also paints images expressed on ‘polyester’ torso’s. Besides her paintings she has her own clothing line, “Art Your Design”, every item is hand-painted in the Dripping Art style.

Artist Statement

"I create intuitive figurative abstract paintings on linen, explore the movement of love, dance, music, happiness and joy for life through vibrant shapes, lines and lots of texture and minimal colours in my work. I get inspired by the simplicity of life, a beautiful view, a beautiful person, people in love, the sound of music, the emotion in a Blues song. The movement in each piece, is a reflection of my emotion.
I believe I am a very happy person with a positive attitude, I am grateful for the lovely people around me and inspired by the beautiful Dutch picturesque ambiance. My impulsiveness leads me to experience the best of life, it makes me rely on my feelings and to always follow my heart. I see my role as an artist to touch souls, inspire and bring enjoyment and delight with my artwork. I believe this is shown in my paintings."